An Unforgettable Scuba Diving in the Andaman

Adventures are part of life and it is the exhilaration that makes it so unforgettable. Though, they tend to excite us; they cannot do away with the probable risks involved. And, when you live through those experiences, they only leave you wiser. One such escapade I took up during a trip to the Andaman Islands along with my partner-in-crime.

It was the month of December when I landed at this place of bright sunshine. I had an ardent desire of indulging into some scuba diving fun. And, there was no spot better for the scuba divers than hitting the sun-kissed beaches of Havelock Island. The recreational sport is not just about an idea of fun but it takes a lot of courage to go inside the deep waters.

You are required to be calm and composed inside the sea and relieving yourself from all kinds of anxiety before taking the plunge. So, before experiencing the ultimate, if I was a restless soul, taking up the water activity only made me better. Though, we all know that a lot goes on behind the curtains before the final show.

Once all the physical and breathing exercises were practiced under the guidance of a professional diver, the clock was set for my accompanying group. Wearing the rubber costume with the special glasses, we got the breathing equipment on our back and put on the artificial webbed feet. As I walked towards the deeper trench to witness the surreal, I felt a new confidence descending upon me.

Still, my heart started pounding over the upcoming situation. I was breathing heavily as soon as I put my feet into the cold waters with all the necessary water sports gear on. Although, I had a bit of trouble equalizing the air pressure in my ears as I felt sharp pain, I was soon lost in the aquatic life surrounding me.

I found myself swaying to the music of the ocean waves, as a swarm of colourful fishes marched past me. Clutching tightly to the breathing apparatus with my teeth, I was soon oblivious to the uneasiness when pointing towards the seahorse and octopus. I was moving like a log of wood without feeling any weight in the underwater silence.

At last, when I came out to the shore, the anxiety had vanished and it was refreshingly peaceful as my heart was beating in place.



Sweeping the Dust Off My Old Summer Vacation Diary

Today is a windy morning and I happen to stumble upon my old summer vacation memories of childhood while trying to get rid of the dust over my belongings. So, I tore off a page and decided to share the excerpts…..

Vacation Diary : From Imagination to Enlightenment

Spending summer vacation without doing anything is also an art. But I still stand out as I made a constructive use of it by sleeping, eating, my trip to Bodhgaya, Bihar and Jaipur, Rajasthan. So think my vacations were put to best use.

Sleeping gave me dreams with innovative ideas, chance to visit places which I can’t even think in my dreams, do what I want to without caring for anybody or anything. It allowed me live my aspirations, my fears, my instincts. Isn’t it funny? I wanted to go for snorkelling right away. So I kept sleeping for few more hours enjoying myself. Exciting but strange that even I was trying this adventure for the first time, I knew what I had to do. I was ignorant of the fact that my mother kept waking me up throughout. But can any other idea be more tempting other than that at that point of time? Unaware of the happenings around me, I was sailing into the sea of self-imagination.

And wow! gorging upon good food. It gave me nothing but good 8 kilos to put on. Blessed are those who can eat anything and everything without worrying to shed those extra pounds. Chocolates, ice-creams, cakes which the anorexic models can only think of as nightmares.

I was so elated to visit Bodhgaya, the place where Lord Buddha got enlightenment. Deciding right away at 10 o’clock in the morning and half an hour to get ready and take off created an atmosphere of chaos inside my house. Nobody can beat that experience. It was kind of a long drive as Bodhgaya is just few hours away from the heart of Patna. Basking in the glory of the scorching sun I kept asking for the directions with my family. It was a rejuvenating experience alongwith the post reunion joy. The wonderful view of Pretshila Hills in the background and the monastries established by different countries on both sides of the road. The conversation with the humble Buddhist monks and capturing the moments with my camera were a delight. Surprised to see the Mahabodhi tree in its reinstated form, Lord Buddha’s footprints under the tree and the Chakramana where he used to take a stroll during his enlightening days. After wandering all over the place ate my heart out at a roadside dhaba with hardly any electricity and a thatched roof as appetite overcame all odds.

I cannot the miss the chance of talking about my Jaipur trip where I mostly shopped around Johari Bazar. Can anything in this world replace the pleasure of shopping for a girl? Well, I am more like the opposite kind but this question explained my situation as I went on a shopping spree after an year long interval. Searching through Johari Bazar, I came across a famous shop where relished my life’s first rich kulfi-faluda. Who will believe this place full of life and customers swarming, stood the adversities of a major terrorist attack? Either you catch up a movie at a City Pulse (mall) PVR or a movie at Rajmandir, known as the most beautiful picture hall in India; Jaipur shows the way, giving you the blend of traditional culture and modernity. This fusion or blend is reflected from the royal palaces turned into luxury hotels. Tired of seeing pink all over which started giving me an eye sore, I headed for sightseeing to the City Palace to catch a glimpse of the extravagant lifestyle of the Maharaja of Jaipur. Truly these summer vacation experiences left me wiser.

The article was also published in Jamia Journal. Thanks to the Editor, Khalid Jaleel.